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Born and raised in Newark, N.J., there aren’t many artists/singers coming from the city with as broad and as flexible sound as HASS is bringing to the table. “COLD DAYS IN THE EAST” is guaranteed to set the tempo for the year setting HASS in the place to the next up and coming talent to look out for.


Based out of Northern New Jersey, the diversity between these two friends-turned-business associates looks like a United Colors of Benetton ad yet sounds like the duo stepped into 90s-themeD party hosted by TRAP DJ. In other words, they have a Hip-Hop based sound with old school R&B TOP LINES over modern day drums. BTTN finds beauty in differences and welcomes the idea of bringing people FROM all walks of life, together by way of music. 


Born in Maui, Hawaii and raised in Franklin, New Jersey, Joanne Bautista AKA ‘Leilani’ got the best of both worlds. Leilani’s interest in music grew when she was a kid thanks to her parents who played music at home all the time from 80’s pop artists such as Whitney Houston to the Jamaican Reggae duo Chaka Demus & Pliers....


Not only is she modeling at STREETFEST, but she's also performing! Born in Seoul, S. Korea, sultry singer/model Bo Jazel, calls Queens, NY home as she expands her Edm Pop meets Soul music style throughout the tri-state area & beyond.


Merty Shango is a 24 year old rapper entrepreneur, born in South Side Jamica Queens. Growing up Merty was surrounded by music and a grandfather who was a jazz musician, constantly influencing his childhood, his love affair with rap began at age 11 when he witnessed his first rap battle in middle school, becoming a fascination and obsession. By the time he began high school he as recording in studios, and producing his own beats. At 24 he has recorded 5,000 songs in the studio, worked with artists such as: Nyemiah Supreme, Aztexts, Wu-Tang, and MOP, made songs for Marvel Comics, Century 21 and nonprofit organizations becoming an expert in his field. All, after working through college, in Florida, to get his B.A, living on the streets and selling just to get by.

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