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D.Prados has quickly become a voice to be heard in the TriState!

Known as the “Energy Provider” he gets the crowd into a state of excitement on another ENERGY level.


The Official TOUR host for Rix Magazine, Brand Ambassador For Hennessy #TeamHennessy and Now part of the “Brick Bandits” Jersey club legendary DJs Producers, Prados as they call him is now a strong brand within the USA as a Personality on the rise.


Within just 5 years in the entertainment business D.Prados has established residencies at the hottest Venues in Tristate and hosted at the hottest parties as well.


D.Prados os taking his career to the next level. Be on the Lookout for Prados to have a show on a major radio station as well as tv network as a VJ and Rocking the biggest clubs from East Coast to West.

Follow D.Prados

Instagram - D_Prados
Facebook - D.Prados
Twitter - D_Prados

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