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  Beach Bash - End the Summer Right 1.0 

Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk & Beach Lot 8
2231 Father Capodanno Blvd. Staten Island, NY 10306

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Roll in Time:  8am-12pm 
Show Time:  1pm- 6pm  

Beach Bash 

Welcome to " Beach Bash 2023 - End the Summer Right." 

We invite you to join us to this beach front event to continue having a space to have fun under the sun and check out all the competition vehicles.  For this event we are creating, a food fest atmosphere with lots of food, good music and many more activities for car enthusiast and families to enjoy. This is event is open to the general public. Spectator parking is free. Competition vehicles however, do have to register to be entered in competition.


NO Alcohol. No Smoking.


Details below.  
Two Step Competition, Models, Guest DJ, Judged Event, Top 60 & Best of Show Awards, Giveaways, Food & Plenty of Boardwalk miles to walk. More activities to be announced.


For judging categories please visit
Space is limited to 300 cars only.

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If you are interested in becoming a Vendor, Sponsor, Food truck Vendor, Model, Performer, Media Coverage please email us at and our team will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

Join RIX Magazine as we set the stage to bring our hottest season opener! We are working in collaboration with Overlook Beach to bring you "Slammed by the Harbor 3.0 Beach Bash Redemption."  

Hope to see you all there!

Beach Party

Schedule Times

  • 8am - 9am Vendors Roll in for Check in and setup.

*All cars must roll in with vendors for setup display. NO EXCEPTIONS! 


  • 9am - 12pm Roll in Lot 8 Open to registration Cars only


  • 11:30am Box Office Open to Ticket Sales (FREE)


  • 1:00pm - 6pm Open to All Spectators (FREE)


  • 1pm -  DJ & Host Kicks Off playing music (@ Stage)

  • 1:30pm - 2pm Twinkie Eating Contest (@ Stage)

  • 2pm - 2:30pm Tug O’ War Challenge (@ Stage)


  • 2:30pm - 3pm Low Limbo Competition (@ Stage)

  • 3:30pm - 4pm 2-Step Competition (@ Stage)​​

  • 5:30pm - 6pm Closing Ceremony/Trophies Awarded  (@ Stage)


  • 6pm Conclude Show. Go home drive safe

  • 6:30pm - 7pm Breakdown for Vendors and Sponsors


There can only be one 









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Vehicle Registration

& Competition Entry

 Competition $65
Car Meet Display Section  $40
Ruckus/Grom/Motorcycle $40

Rules & Guidelines


General Admission

Children 5 & Under Free

Admission Free
(Paid Online)

Admission Parking Free
(Paid Online)




Please be advised, this is a FULLY JUDGED SHOW! Please be respectful and keep your music to a moderate level. If you are asked more than twice to lower your music, we will ask you to leave the facility, which will result in an automatic disqualification. Rain or Shine Event! PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST WRITE IN DETAIL ALL OF YOUR VEHICLE SPECS IN ORDER TO BE CONSIDERED FOR APPROVAL. SUMBIT YOUR BEST QUALITY PICTURES OF ALL PARTS OF THE VEHICLE (INTERIOR, EXTERIOR, TRUNK, AND ENGINE) TO BE CONSIDERED! NO EXCEPTIONS!

Rules For Registration

RIX Events, a East Coast producer of automotive lifestyle events, based in the Tri-State area. The company produces Tokyo Meet /Superfly/StreetFest / NightShift /AllStar Fitment/Slammed by the harbor and many other Car Show Series, RIX Magazine is the most amped-up indoor/outdoor car, music, and pop-culture events. The events are attended by thousands of automotive and entertainment enthusiasts each year.

  • Competitor Vehicles
    Competition / Show n Shine Roll-in will be Sunday, July 31st from 9am – 12pm for all registered competition and only. No tickets will be sold at the gate. NO CARS WILL BE ALLOWED IN AFTER 12PM! Our check-in process is done completely electronically using a smartphone app containing all of your information and images of your vehicle(s). So when you arrive, all you need to do is give us your name or show us the QR code provided to you in your acceptance email.
  • Vendors / Food Trucks
    Roll-in will be Sunday, July 31st, 8am to 9am. Important! This includes all booth vehicles!! Any booth vehicles that do not roll in during this time frame will not be able to park in their booth!!The first person from your company who arrives at the event and checks in will be given all of your company’s passes, and it will be their responsibility to distribute them to the rest of your employees who will be attending.
  • Rules for Registration
    NO REFUNDS NO TRANSFERS (FROM PERSON TO PERSON) COMPETITION ONLY NO SHOW AND SHINE 1- Vehicle owner doesn't have to be present but vehicle must be accessible for judging ie… hood/trunk open and windows open for judging 2- If vehicle trunk /hood isn’t accessible, and dark tinted windows not down, vehicle will not receive points 3- While vehicle is being judged driver will be allotted 3-5min to interact w/judge 4- Only the driver may be present with judge during judging 5- Forms need to be filled out prior to judging and properly placed under windshield wiper or inside dash board. 6- Unprofessional sportsman like conduct towards the judge will result in disqualification 7- Event registration form must be present with driver during award ceremony NO EXCEPTIONS 8- Judge can provide feedback on vehicle but no specifics about judging 9- Specific events require separate registration WHEN STATED 10- Vehicles that have relocated without proper authorization can result in disqualification 11- Judges are assign to different make & models by the Judging Management Team 12- If vehicle has not been judge 1 hour prior to award ceremony, please contact any Judge, RIX staff member. 13 - If music is too loud and the judges are not able to talk with another competitor and you were asked to turn down more than once you will be disqualified. 14 - This is a competition show not a sound battle. You were entered to have your build judged. If you set-up any music box on top of your car, you will be disqualified and asked to leave. You MAY have music to a moderate level but you ARE NOT to have it blasting for a long period of time. We want you to enjoy your time at a RIX Magazine event but please respect others who also want to enjoy the event.
  • Rules Guideline
    No indoor events this year For indoor venues, fire codes require that all vehicles parking inside any venues have 1/4 tank of fuel or less! Also all batteries must be disconnected! This will be strictly enforced!! For outdoor venues, we will follow social distance to the state law and safety for all attendees. **NO SPACE GUARANTEED – to ensure a space at this event, you must register as early as possible. REGISTERED VEHICLES – Competition Show vehicles receive two pass for the driver and passenger ONLY! Any additional passenger must buy general admission tickets! COMPETITION SHOW VEHICLES WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO LEAVE UNTIL AWARDS HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED AND THE SHOW IS OVER! NO EXCEPTIONS!! (if you leave the award will not be mailed or given to you) DUE TO COVID-19 REGULATIONS THERES NO HOOKAH OR VAPING ALLOWED NO LOUD MUSIC PERMITTED PLEASE KEEP YOUR MUSIC TO A MODERATE LEVEL OR YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED AND ASKED TO LEAVE! THIS IS A FULLY JUDGED CAR SHOW
  • A Few Rules for Competitors and Vendors
    Absolutely NO burnout’s will be permitted on the property! If so, you will lose all access and will be asked to remove yourself from the premises! (We have a burnout box set up.) NO ALCOHOL MAY BE BROUGHT INTO THE EVENT. NO FOOD MAY BE BROUGHT IN BEFORE THE SHOW STARTS. If you bring in coolers/cooler bags they may be searched by security. If you rolled in early please take the time to line up accordingly within the cones before the event gate, you will be able to get into the venue once we cleared your registration to finish prepping your vehicle. Check with our staff to see what time the doors will open. If you lose or pretend as though you lost your ticket, payment confirmation, or wrist band or claim that you never got a ticket to enter, you will have to pay the competition show vehicles or standard spectator entry fee ($) to enter the venue–**No Exceptions** IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL OF THE PARKING AND ADMISSION PASSES IN HAND BEFORE OR AFTER YOU LEAVE THE VENUE! FOR COMPETITION CARS ONLY - NO VEHICLES SHOULD BE MOVED, STARTED OR LEAVE THE PREMISES FOR ANY REASON UNTIL THE CONCLUSION OF THE EVENT!! NO LOUD MUSIC KEEP YOUR MUSIC AT A MODERATE LEVEL! *******ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!!*******


NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES! Rain or Shine the show will go on!

As a participant in RIX MAGAZINE, I agree to hereby hold harmless the organizers and participants of RIX MAGAZINE from any claims of loss and / or harm regarding same event. I agree to abide by all standards and rules set forth by judges and organizers of RIX MAGAZINE. By the undersigned, I hereby agree to accept under reasonable conditions, the final judgment and award of prizes of the participating judges of same event. I understand and accept all rules and claim by my signature that all the above information is correct and understand that any false information can jeopardize my eligibility in this competition. I allow RIX MAGAZINE and their Sponsors photo and video rights of my vehicle, my likeness, and my words taken at the event to be used in any form or manner.

For questions regarding registration email us at

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