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Merty Shango is a 24 year old rapper entrepreneur, born in South Side Jamica Queens. Growing up Merty was surrounded by music and a grandfather who was a jazz musician, constantly influencing his childhood, his love affair with rap began at age 11 when he witnessed his first rap battle in middle school, becoming a fascination and obsession. By the time he began high school he as recording in studios, and producing his own beats. At 24 he has recorded 5,000 songs in the studio, worked with artists such as: Nyemiah Supreme, Aztexts, Wu-Tang, and MOP, made songs for Marvel Comics, Century 21 and nonprofit organizations becoming an expert in his field. All, after working through college, in Florida, to get his B.A, living on the streets and selling just to get by.

His revelation and business grew when returning to his roots in New York, where Merty set up shop making a name for himself and his work. Merty has realized dreams comes with a price, a struggle, hard work and dedication to his music. Merty continues to work for his passions and his beliefs. Choosing music over hard drugs and pouring his soul out into, making it his life's work. Proving that the Hustle isn't about the Hustle, learning through experience, and making to make way into something better. His songs are a testament to his struggles, experiences and beliefs. His motivation is rooted in stuggles, his will to succeed is backed up by his work and passion.

HIs influences are eclectic and varied from Tupac to the Beatles. Merty is at the forefront of up and coming alternative rappers that are real. His songs reflect the nature of a generation, the struggles, the sex, the drugs, and day to day reality. Merty's rubix cube style of rapping gives context to his flow, while employing complex and highly varied rhythm's. The influences are palpable from reggae, hard rap, and the golden age of hip-hop. Merty's lyrics are real, and the voice of rap generation.

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